Welcome to the Global Goals Jam Documentation tool! We’ll use these questions to create a one pager for every city, which we can then collect into one report for 2022. Follow the steps and you will end up with a pdf that documents your Jam!

Part 1

This part is to showcase your location in general. Who are you as a local organiser and what does your organisation do? How was your local experience? Which partners were involved?

Name of the location/city.

Upload the logo of the host organization.

Please upload the local partners you worked with during the jam (max 3). If you had no local partners that's OK - you can skip this part!

Please add a short description of your Jam (not longer than 135 words).

Please add a link to the event website of your local jam.

Please add an email so that people can contact you in case of questions or collaborations.

Please add four images that best visualise your Jam.

Part 2

This part is to highlight one of the projects from your Jam. Which project was the most meaningful and innovative for your local context?

Please add the name of the highlighted project.

Please shortly describe the challenge the team worked on, in 20 words or less.

Please select the main Sustainable Development Goal the project tackled:

Shortly describe the solution that the team came to, in 50 words or less.

Please add the names of the team members, separated by commas.

Please add a link to the website of the project (if it has one).

Please add a quote from one of your participants or partners, sharing their experience!

Quote from (if you don't have the exact name, you can also mention their professional occupation, or if they were a participant, a mentor, or a partner for example).

Please add four images that show the main elements of the project (like the final results, pictures of process, or the team members).

Step 3

Push this button, and your documentation pdf will be created!